New Student Registration

The following information is required by law to enroll a new student. If any of these items are missing we will not be able to complete the registration process.

Before registering your student for school you need to provide:

1. Parental ID with Photo

2. Proof of address — Utility Bill, Rental or Lease Agreement If you are living with another family, you will need to have a “Living with Another Family” document notarized at the bank for proof of address.

3. Birth Certificate – Original must be brought in. Wallet size and photo copies can not be accepted.

4. Immunizations – If coming from out of the country, you must go to the health department for a TB test before enrolling. Utah County Health Dept.

5. Transcript/Report Card/Withdrawal Form

6. Special Education If your student has received services in Special Education classes, you will need to contact the previous school to obtain a current copy of the IEP(Individual Education Plan).

7. Custody Issues: In the case of divorce, court documents are necessary. If you are the non-physical custodial parent you will need to obtain Power of Attorney through Alpine School District, Student Services.

8. Out of Area Request