OJH Mission Statement




All students will leave Orem Junior prepared to learn for life by:

1-experiencing high levels of learning in all courses

2-being self-directed learners with growth mindsets

3-Learning the skills necessary to be successful in high school and life.



Our school culture is determined by the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of the adults in the building.

  • Student learning is our focus.

  • Positive reinforcements are more effective than punitive ones.

  • We foster a growth mindset for everyone.

  • Relationships built on respect make a difference.

  • Culture is more powerful than compliance.

  • We have autonomy within a clear PLC vision. 

  • We use data to build and reflect– never to destroy or judge.

  • We create a safe learning environment.

  • We collaborate and advocate for student and teacher success.

  • We are empathetic.

  • We celebrate our successes.


Goals amount to specific actions aligned with the mission, vision, and values. Our school and departments set annual improvement goals guided by seven Areas of Focus, articulated by the Board of Education (https://alpineschools.org/mvvg/)