Timpanogos High School Dance Team Auditions:

Timpanogos Dance Team (TDT) and

Contemporary Dance Team (CDT) Auditions:

March 25th and 26th; Time: 1:00-3;30pm and 4:00-6:30 in the Dance Room 109
-Need to attend both days
-Audition for both; you can specify your preference on audition sheets, but it’s not a guarantee.
-TDT = B5, CDT = A1
-The application form can be found on our website (link below).

Ballroom Dance Team (BDT) Auditions:
April 13th Time: 1:30pm in the Dance Room 109
-Students should dress in skirts and slacks and ballroom shoes.
-Ballroom Dance Team = A3

All Teams:
-Please come prepared and ready to dance.
-Wear proper, modest, dance attire.
-Obviously your technique is taken into account, but we also look at potential, grades, dependability, attitude, etc.

Links for references:


-subpage listing about Auditions

-subpage listing about Team/Class Descriptions

If you have any further questions or need any kind of clarifications, please email:
TDT: Megan Moncur: [email protected]
CDT: Emmalee Sorensen-Maxwell: [email protected]
BDT: Karoline Fisher: [email protected]