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What is a Next Generation School?

Each student at Orem Junior High will receive their own Chromebook to use for the entire school year. This is often referred to as one-to-one (1:1) technology. Students will be required to take their Chromebook home each day, charge it each night, and bring it back to school every school day to use in their classes.

Chromebook Information

Why is Orem Junior moving to the 1:1 technology model?

What do parents/guardians need to know about 1:1 technology?

How will 1:1 technology change my school experience?

What should I do when my Chromebook isn’t working?

How will Orem Junior teach students how to use technology properly?

How should I take care of my Chromebook?

Parents/Guardian Resources

Sign Skyward Permissions

In order to check out a Chromebook for the school year, students must have permission from a parent or guardian.  Permission forms are signed online as part of the annual Skyward Student Information Update, which will be available in early August. Please complete the Skyward update before the first day of school so that your student's Chromebook access won't be delayed!

Purchase Insurance

Alpine Schools District has provided the option to purchase insurance coverage for your student's Chromebook. Please note that insurance does not cover damage to the charger. If the charger stops working, contact the school tech during office hours.

Download Blocksi

Blocksi Parent Manager is an optional tool that allows you to manage screen time at home. You can set schedules and block specific online content. You can also receive notifications when certain content is accessed on your student's device. PARENTS: YOU MUST USE THE EMAIL YOU HAVE LISTED IN SKYWARD TO SIGN UP FOR BLOCKSI.

Download Canvas Observer

Canvas Observer allows you to see what is going on in your student's Canvas courses. You can view due dates, teacher comments on assignments, and scores and/or grades. This feature will be available when classes are loaded into Canvas at the beginning of the school year.

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